5 Easy Steps to Going Mobile

Step 1: Request your free demo app for your Business.

Click on the Request a Demo tab and fill out the online form.  It takes approximately 2-4 business days to complete your demo app.  Once completed you will receive instructions via email on how to view your demo app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Discuss your business or school’s unique requirements.

Mobile Giant will schedule a meeting online (Skype), in person or via phone to further discuss the needs of your school or business.  With your feedback we will then revisions and design your mobile app accordingly.

Step 3: Review your completed app.

In this step, you will then get a chance to review and finalize the custom app we’ve built.  Once you approve the completed app, you will need to fill out a short form found in the Publish Your App tab.  The information you submit will be the info that will be displayed on Google Play and the Apple App Store.  (App name, app description, etc.)  You can not change this information without re-publishing your mobile app to the App Stores.  Resubmission fee is $99.  Any major updates to the app will require a resubmission fee.

Step 4: Publish your app to Apple and Android.

Once we receive your company info Mobile Giant will publish your mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.  We will notify you once your app is live.  (1-2 weeks Apple App Store, 2-3 days Google Play)  In the mean time, we will send you a Marketing Kit to help you prepare for your mobile app launch date.

Step 5: Launch Your App!

Once your app is live, it’s time to promote it!  On your launch date you want to tell all of your customers and friends about your NEW mobile app and the reason why they should download it!

Congratulations!  You have instant connection with your target market!  Your business or school is now MOBILE!

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